Offering the best of Shola grasslands, semi-evergreen jungles, endemic plant and animal life is Bisle Ghat; yet the path to this extravagant display of Western Ghat wilderness is paved with bad roads. Negotiating your way through the thick fern and bamboo semi-evergreen forests that escort you all the way into Bisle, the 24 kilometer stretch of potholed misery jerks you around; a nerve wracking distraction from any hope you harbored of escaping into the enigma of these hills. Watch out! Before you lose your nerves, lest you miss out on one of the Western Ghat’s finest.

Located in the Hassan district in Sakleshpur Taluk is a small village by the name Bisle. The village has a reserve forest by its own name and it is known to be one of the most beautiful rains forests of India.

The Bisle betta is not very from the village and it’s a spot to view the mountain ranges in that entire region. When here, one can see the mountains Kumara Parvatha at 1319 m, Dodda Betta at 119 m and Pushpa Giri at 1712 m

(the Bisle Ghat or Bisle Reserve Forest. The Green Route “Trek on the Railway Track” is a stretch of track from Sakleshpur to the Subramanya railroad station and used to be popular as well but is currently not allowed so make sure you do not trek on the tracks.

The railway segment from Sakleshpur to Kukke Subramanya road junction is known as Green Route trek and very popular amongst the trekkers in Western Ghats. It is spread over 52 km which comprises of 58 tunnels, 109 bridges and about 25 waterfalls. You can also hop on the passenger trains running on this route to enjoy the verdant views of the town).