When you are travelling to an unknown place always try to be safe. Respect the culture and religion of that place and try to go with the flow. Try to connect with the local people as they know about the surrounding places and roads to avoid. Here are some travel tips and advice when you visit Sakleshpur on your next holiday.

Do not litter waste here and there. Be a responsible traveler and help to keep the place neat and clean. Always carry trash bags with you if you do not find a trash bin nearby and later on dispose off the waste in proper place. Try to adopt green methods while travelling as it will help in maintaining a balance with the ecosystem to conserve energy for the future.

If you are travelling through forest area always try not to play loud music and avoid honking as much as you can as, this act could disturb the wild animals and provoke them to attack you. Wild animals are shy and very sensitive to loud noise so they might get irritated and can cause irreversible behavioural effects.

Sakleshpur is a hilly region, if you are travelling in your own car drive slowly as it includes many ghats and curves. These sharp U-turns are very dangerous and sloppy so, if you are not an expert in driving please hire someone who has an experience of driving in hilly roads or else it could turn out to be very dangerous.

Last but not the least plan your trip properly before leaving. Try to book your home stays or resorts atleast one or two weeks prior for normal weekends and 1 month prior if you are planning for long weekends. Check with the host one day before starting your journey confirming about your arrival timing in their resort or home stay to avoid any confusion after reaching. If you have booked your stay away from the main town admist the wildlife then it will be safe to checkin early and avoid late night checkout. Since this place is new for you and not confident with the roads, you might get lost and encounter many uninvited problems leaving your journey an awful one.