Shettihalli is a small village, about 22 KM from Hassan. The Church is located about a couple of KM after the village on the Hemavathi river bed in Gorur reservoir.

A beautiful architecture, but it is already ruined seriously. Some walls are already washed off. It does not look like it would survive many more years. This place is not known to many people. There is no proper sign board during the drive anywhere or no architectural or historical information boards around the actual location as well. So it is really unattended and forgotten. Above all, the sadder part is that many public visitors have spoiled it further by inducing damages to parts of the remaining structure and scribbling ugly stuff all over the walls everywhere possible. Serious scar.

Other than those issues, it is a great feeling to see such an architecture and concept. It is said to be Gothic architecture and built by French missionaries in mid 19th century. We did see a narrow stream of water at the center of the river bed, some 300 feet from the Church. On the other side of the water on the river bed though, people were doing cultivated agricultural farming, spraying pesticides (you can see it in one of the pictures)! We interpreted that the water level probably has not been rising anytime seriously for many months or even years.

You can spot lot of birds along the river water stream — Egrets, River terns, Cranes, Kites, etc. They were all simply ecstatic going about their flights up and down in the surroundings and about catching their prey in water.