Manjarabad Fort is located about 5 KM after Sakleshpur town when we go from Hassan. It is a simple and nice architectural fort. There are quite a few things to see here in a very small area: The fort wall, watch towers, a cross-shaped stepped well at the center, surrounded by dungeons, a few storage rooms, kitchens, tunnel (it is said that the tunnel was once connecting all the way to Tipu Sultan’s fort in Srirangapatna near Mysore), etc.

It is located slightly at an elevated ground with about 300 odd steps to climb, and gives a great view of the surrounding dense greenery of the western ghats. It is said to be Tipu Sultan’s border-monitoring camp for his soldiers. The fort walls are designed in a star-shaped layout; you can see it clearly in the satellite view of Google Maps here.

This place is very popular in recent times. During week days there is no crowd around, but on weekend there will be crowd around. The calm isolated location amplifies our experience of peace, apart from the sense of historic connection we go through when we walk through the structures here. Actually, one can spend quite a few hours here, a quiet few hours in fact, walk in and around all the structures, study them meticulously, and can gain a thorough deep feeling of historic connection.