A beautiful water fall located amid the forest makes it almost a private water fall due to less tourist/ local crowd. As the water falls from about 35 – 40 feet height it gives an immense pleasure to the eyes of the individuals to watch the nature’s glory here.

The falls are attracting tourists from the region and the State. Though, there are scores of small streams and falls, the Mookanamane falls (Abbi falls) near Hetthur Hongadahalla has turned out a big hit among the nature lovers. The falls, which is usually roaring and in full force between June and December, is already overflowing in the first week of this month.The water falls from one to 12 feet height and spread on 50 feet. It mesmerizes those who flock this natural falls. The Mookanamane falls is located 35 km from Sakleshpur and hardly three km from Attihalli village. But the word of caution is that the rocks are very slippery and tourists should not do misadventure of going near the falls.