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Sakleshpur Plantation Stay Tour

General Information About This Tour

You might spend an enlightening evening reading the fascinating story of predecessor of the property, Mr. J.L.Benson, who has left behind some notes in your room.

Today it covers 1,000 acres of tea, a factory, two churches, a temple, a hospital, and vast areas of forests and grasslands, and it will give a great pleasure if you would like to visit them.

Get wet and wild or sit in solitude

In Kadamane, I measure rainfall by the metre. Visit me in the monsoon to understand the word deluge.

At other times of the year, walk or drive to the many vantage points and natural water bodies to enjoy idyllic picnics or to experience the forest and its inhabitants. Or, if you are of the more adventurous sort, one of my orderlies could take you on a night drive, perhaps? You would certainly experience a different quality of darkness and sounds!

Listen to the silence while reading or writing or painting or losing yourself to the vast valleys and their spectacular vistas. It is very easy to do nothing but enjoy what Nature has generously seen fit to bestow upon us in these parts.

Take the tea trail

Unravel the mystery that goes into a cup of tea. Enjoy an insider’s tour of what it takes to manufacture the world’s favourite beverage. Being in tea country, may I be so bold as to suggest that you pick some leaves and make some tea yourself!

Sport anyone?

You could choose from playing badminton to table tennis to a variety of board games. Or perhaps you would prefer a genteel game of tennis? Let me warn you, the breathtaking view from the court may render it difficult to keep your eyes on the ball!

Be shaken up

Experience a 4 x 4 ride of a lifetime on unseen trails, through the grassland or through streams, and across boulder-ridden thoroughfares that I call roads.