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Rottikallu Resort

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    3 star
    Rottikallu Road, Karnataka 573165, India
    12:00 PM
    11:00 AM
    1 nights

    Nestled 3700 feet above from sea level in the foothills of  Western Ghats (one of the world’s eight hottest biodiversity hotspots) of Sakleshpur in the southern Karnataka eco belt is a heavenly place called Rotti-kallu.

    Sakleshpur itself is a beauty town which gives you a warm welcome, when you are on your way from Bangalore to Mangalore and other coastal parts of Karnataka through its scenic beauty, lush green coffee plantations, enchanting mountains, streams and off course a pleasant, chilling and romantic weather conditions. So imagine a place which is 24Kms away from this beauty town at the foothills of Western Ghats and boasts most of the originating points for River Hemavathi (A major sub river of River Cauvery ).

    Rottikallu Homestay is spread over 20 acres, landscaped by god. A major stream cuts through this landscape, adding to the beauty. We firmly believe eco conservation, awareness and stress relief of the corporate world are the two things that are need of hour and we have made sure we have everything in place to achieve this two point agenda. We have facilities to accommodate all age groups, be it lovely children’s, be it lonely couples, be it a happy family, be it a enthusiastic Bachelors or be it mighty elders.

    Come to Rotti-kallu to turn your holiday, weekend into a truly memorable and a home away from home experience.

    What is Rotti-kallu and where are we?

    As most of us might be aware Western Ghats are one of the hottest bio-diversity hotspots in the world and control the climate aspects of the entire southern India. Sakleshpur, is one such place to be blessed to be a host to a range of western ghats and Rottikallu is one such beautiful, enchanting view point located exactly 7 kms from here. Its a viewpoint with a 100ft waterfall and a with a view of 30-35 thousand acres of dense forest.

    Owing to the beauty of Rotti-kallu we have named our Home-Stay Facility as Rotti-kallu.

    Hospitality, Conserving Nature and showcasing it to the external world without much interference to it are our main priorities.


    Tariff and Package Details


    (Non Sharing)


    Rs.3500 + GST/Person/Day.


    Rs.2800 + GST/Person/Day.


    Includes Accommodation,


    Includes Accommodation,

    Food (Lunch, Hi Tea Dinner &


    Food (Lunch, Hi Tea Dinner &



    Activities (Adventure activities, water activities, sports activities Trekking & Common campfire).


    Activities (Adventure activities, water activities, sports activities Trekking & Common Campfire).


    * Zipline is at extra cost.


    * Zipline is at extra cost.

    * Kids in between 5 years to 10 Years will be charged 50% of the tariff.

    Sports & Water Activities: Subject to weather conditions:

    1) Bermuda Bridge
    2) Rope Bridge
    3) Water Volleyball
    4) Foot Ball
    5) Cricket
    6) Badminton.
    7) Frisbee (Flying disc).
    8) Kayaking & Coracle ride
    9) Table Tennis
    10) Zipline is chargeable at Rs.100/person/ride (Timings: 2 pm to 5 pm).

    Mandatory: Rain Gear (Raincoat and Umbrella Must Carry from June to October).

    Please do update in your group also



    Terms & Conditions:

    1) The advance amount will not be refunded.
    2) No show, early departure, late arrival or unused portion of accommodation, meals, activities or act of God including weather related problems there will be no refund.
    3) There will be 100% drop out charges of the tariff in case of drop out in your group. Please note there will be no late minute dropout or cancellation.
    4) Booking date cannot be postponed if the booked date is within 10 days.
    5) The postponed date should be within 1 month of the previous booking date, there will be only 1 Postponing of dates allowed.
    6) In case of multiple dates of booking, if subsequent booked dates are cancelled after check-in there will be 100% cancellation charges on the tariff.
    7) Credit/Debit cards/cheques will be accepted with applicable service charges.
    8) Food items will not be served in the cottages or Dormitory.
    9) Defence canteen/ duty free alcohol without bill will not be allowed in the resort.
    10) Do Carry Critical Routine medications if Applicable.
    11) Final right of admission/cancellation of the booking will be with Rotikallu Resort.


    Food: Veg and Non-Veg – Malnad cuisine (Traditional & Organic food).

    Kids Below 5 years Extra milk & extra/special food ordered will be Extra chargeable

    Breakfast & meals timings:

    Breakfast Timings: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
    Lunch Timings: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
    Dinner Timings: 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM

    Policies of Rottikallu Resort

    12:00 PM
    11:00 AM

    Amenities of Rottikallu Resort

    • COFFEE
    Following checklist will help in setting the expectations clear and understanding the facilities better.
    • FOOD: Malnad style traditional food. Veg and Non veg. Unlimited buffets.We have to bring everything from Hanbal which is 17 kms from here and hence any food items apart from breakfast,lunch,dinner has to ordered at least 4 hours before.
    • ACCOMMODATION : Tiles or Tent Cottages, Attached western toilet and bathrooms, hot water facilities.
    • COMMUNICATION: Please feel free to communicate to any of the hosts for anything required.
    • PLASTICS: we request you to not just avoid throwing plastics, but also to collect the thrown by others and depose them here at the dustbins.
    • FIRST AID: Basic first aid medicines are available with us and please ask for the same if required.
    • STREAM: While the nearby stream is not with a huge water flow, it is indeed deep at one or two spots. So please ensure you or your known ones are not alone in stream exploring anything.
    • MUSIC: While we arrange camp fires and talent nights, we are strictly guided by the concerned forest authorities to not to encourage music from loud-speakers. However soft music from your handhelds, your music instruments or even you singing or performing are strongly encouraged.
    • Screaming in the forest while trekking: Please avoid screaming in the forest to avoid undue attention of the wild animals.
    • LEECHES: While there are chances that you may find leeches in the forest, there is no need to panic about. They are not at all harmful.
    • POWER: We are depend on solar and generator power
    We wish you very pleasant stay and we will strive to give our best to turn your holiday into a home away from home experience. Precautionary measures, and some do's and don’ts General aspects
    • Come in the urge of enjoying the true nature.
    • Please intimate your close ones the landline no of Rottikallu which will be provided after the confirmation of the booking.
    Things to bring:
    • Your personal kit (Shorts, sunglasses, Camera and other stuffs)
    • Things which you feel are helpful to protect you from rain like floater Slippers, Rain coats and Caps.
    • Any critical routine medicines if applicable.
    • As far as possible try to be in sports shoes or comfortable footwear for trekking & water games.
    • Dress Code: As we have many Adventure Activities be in comfortable dressing.
    Things to avoid:
    • Any items which are harmful to nature.
    • If you plan to bring plastic packaged (Reuse/Refuse/Reduce) food, please ensure that you bring it to our notice for the proper disposal. We want keep Rottikallu a plastic free area as it is now.
    • All your valuables though there is no such harm in bringing them it's advised to avoid them to spend your precious time without any unnecessary worries

    Things to Do

    Malnad Style Buffet Party Set Up and Camp Fire Beach Volley Ball Play in Stream Coracle Ride Guided Trekking Cricket Water Foot Ball Rope Bridge Tarzan Swings Adventure Activities

    Magajahalli Falls

    Magajahalli Falls flows from top of hills and comes down to form a exuberant waterfalls. The rocksides of the waterfalls gives extra glimpse to play around and to capture the photos. Though Magajahalli Falls close to the main road its difficult for first timers to notice since it is covered with thick trees and shrubs.


    Agni Gudda

    The “Agni Gudda” or Parvat as you would have guessed by now means “Fiery Mountain” for legendary volcanic activities in this region. This location has been an all-time favorite with the youths from Bangalore for trekking, and outdoor camping. The mountain provides a great view of the surrounding rice terraces and a good spot for


    Manjarabad Fort

    Manjarabad Fort is located about 5 KM after Sakleshpur town when we go from Hassan. It is a simple and nice architectural fort. There are quite a few things to see here in a very small area: The fort wall, watch towers, a cross-shaped stepped well at the center, surrounded by dungeons, a few storage


    Pandavar Gudda

    This place is beautiful for photography. Blazing sunrise and sunset gives a marvelous amount of happiness. Its a photographers paradise since we can valley of hills next to one another. The giant Jenukal Gudda is next to this Pandavar Gudda. Air distance to Jenukal is very near and want to reach there a full fledged

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