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Wild Nature Eco-Friendly Resort

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    2 star
    1 nights

    This premium resort in Sakleshpur is a dainty boutique family holiday resort offering magnificent and sustainable luxury at the breathtakingly scenic locale of Sakleshpur in Hassan District, Karnataka.

    Snuggled amidst the awe-inspiring setting of mist-clad craggy mountains of the Western Ghats, This resort in  Sakleshpur offers the perfect venue to revitalize all your senses.

    Let the unforgettable holiday experience at Eco-Friendly Resort in Sakleshpur, etch everlasting memories in your mind!

    It would seem like time stood still. The only sounds you hear are the musical chirping of birds and the distant wind. A quaint luxury boutique resort with gently sweeping roofs and wooden textures that merge it with the landscape. If you wish to experience the beauty of nature in a true heritage setting at Sakleshpur, in scenic Karnataka, you should check out the this luxury resort at Sakleshpur. You will find everything you expected. Raw, untamed wildlife roaming free and unhindered. Majestic mountains to hike through the country paths that lead deep into the virgin forests giving you a feel of primeval times.

    Accommodation & Pricing

    Village Rooms  – 5090 per head per night.
    Room can accommodate 2 people.

    Glass Cottages – 7126 per head per night.
    Room can accommodate 3 Beds

    Family Room – 5090 per head per night.
    Room can accommodate 3 Beds

    Dormitory – 4072 per head per night.
    Room can accommodate upto 5 people – single beds – 2 attached Bathrooms

    In total we have

    5 Village Rooms
    2 Glass Cottages
    1 Dormitory

    ***Rooms do not have A/C , TV or any other gadget / appliance

    Rooms will have
    Water Heater – 25 liter capacity
    Water Bottles

    Fire place / wood available for bonfire
    Music system available
    Barbecue equipment available – separate for Veg and Non Veg
    All meals to be consumed in Open area or Dining Hall
    Fixed Menu

    Starters / snacks of any kind or any custom dishes at extra cost will have to be informed in advance

    Buffet spread of Veg and Non veg dishes – Fixed menu (veg / Chicken / Mutton & Egg)
    Fish – Beef and Pork not served
    Alcohol to be carried by Guest
    Beverages available on request and @ added cost

    Policies of Wild Nature Eco-Friendly Resort

    *Tariffs are dynamic, subject to change without prior notice. *Seasonal hike applicable on above tariff

    Amenities of Wild Nature Eco-Friendly Resort

    • COFFEE
    Q: Will you charge accompanying Driver? A: Yes we charge extra for driver on food. Q: Do you charge extra if we want jeep drive? A: Yes Q: We require Barbeque for bonfire, will you provide? A: Yes we arrange Barbeque for bonfire with extra cost

    Things to Do

    Agni Gudda

    The “Agni Gudda” or Parvat as you would have guessed by now means “Fiery Mountain” for legendary volcanic activities in this region. This location has been an all-time favorite with the youths from Bangalore for trekking, and outdoor camping. The mountain provides a great view of the surrounding rice terraces and a good spot for


    Manjarabad Fort

    Manjarabad Fort is located about 5 KM after Sakleshpur town when we go from Hassan. It is a simple and nice architectural fort. There are quite a few things to see here in a very small area: The fort wall, watch towers, a cross-shaped stepped well at the center, surrounded by dungeons, a few storage


    Pandavar Gudda

    This place is beautiful for photography. Blazing sunrise and sunset gives a marvelous amount of happiness. Its a photographers paradise since we can valley of hills next to one another. The giant Jenukal Gudda is next to this Pandavar Gudda. Air distance to Jenukal is very near and want to reach there a full fledged


    Magajahalli Falls

    Magajahalli Falls flows from top of hills and comes down to form a exuberant waterfalls. The rocksides of the waterfalls gives extra glimpse to play around and to capture the photos. Though Magajahalli Falls close to the main road its difficult for first timers to notice since it is covered with thick trees and shrubs.

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