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Budget Private Cottages with Swimming Pool

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    Do you need a change from your busy life then look no further than our best resort in Sakleshpur, then head to this property surrounded by lush greenery and is the perfect place for a family or group of friends looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. With plenty of activities to keep you occupied, you’ll never be bored here. From sightseeing and Safari to walking around the plantations, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Our resort in Sakleshpur includes a beautiful and comfortable cottage set in the middle of a lush green garden. The cottage has all the modern amenities and is very clean and tidy. They serve healthy, delicious home-cooked food. The resort consists of a swimming pool, which is a great asset for any vacationer.

    The pool is situated in the middle of the garden where you can enjoy the sun and the view making it the perfect spot for a refreshing swim. The staffs are very friendly and are known for the hospitality. Hygiene is given utmost importance here. It is perfect balance between luxury and simple convenience. If you want to explore the places around resort in Sakleshpur, host can help you with that – just ask and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. So come, stay and have a peaceful and relaxing vacation, and experience the best of what Sakleshpur has to offer!


    Standard Cottage: Rs 2,000 Rs per head with breakfast and evening high tea with snacks.

    Estate View Cottage: Rs 2,500 Rs per head with breakfast and evening high tea with snacks.

    Optional Food: Lunch @ 349 Rs, Dinner @ 349 Rs


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    Amenities of Budget Private Cottages with Swimming Pool

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    Things to Do

    Magajahalli Falls

    Magajahalli Falls flows from top of hills and comes down to form a exuberant waterfalls. The rocksides of the waterfalls gives extra glimpse to play around and to capture the photos. Though Magajahalli Falls close to the main road its difficult for first timers to notice since it is covered with thick trees and shrubs.


    Agni Gudda

    The “Agni Gudda” or Parvat as you would have guessed by now means “Fiery Mountain” for legendary volcanic activities in this region. This location has been an all-time favorite with the youths from Bangalore for trekking, and outdoor camping. The mountain provides a great view of the surrounding rice terraces and a good spot for


    Manjarabad Fort

    Manjarabad Fort is located about 5 KM after Sakleshpur town when we go from Hassan. It is a simple and nice architectural fort. There are quite a few things to see here in a very small area: The fort wall, watch towers, a cross-shaped stepped well at the center, surrounded by dungeons, a few storage


    Pandavar Gudda

    This place is beautiful for photography. Blazing sunrise and sunset gives a marvelous amount of happiness. Its a photographers paradise since we can valley of hills next to one another. The giant Jenukal Gudda is next to this Pandavar Gudda. Air distance to Jenukal is very near and want to reach there a full fledged


    Ettina Bhuja Trekking

    Ettina Bhuja….a hidden gem of a trail in southern Karnataka. The trek to Ettina Bhuja is short and relatively easy. It is ideal for trekking enthusiasts, especially those with limited experience. Ettina Bhuja, about 1300 msl, is one of the numerous peaks in the Charmadi Ghats region of Karnataka. The name Ettina Bhuja is derived

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