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Exotic Plantation Retreat

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    3 star
    Kumabardi Road, Sakleshpur 573134
    11:00 am
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    1 nights

    Nestled within the vast scape of the Western Ghats in India, is the Malnad region (land of rain and hills) of Karnataka, with its rich heritage, culture and abundance of some of India’s best coffee plantations is Exotic Plantation Retreat . Be it a relaxed, adventurous, educative or even a romantic getaway, there’s something for everyone, with its widespread greenery, constant streams of flowing water, ‘mountain-esque’ landscape and plenty of history.

    Situated in Sakleshpur in the historic Manjarabad region, lies Harley Estate dating back to the early 1860’s. Amidst the 500 acres of coffee plantation, lush green, many lakes, and a gurgling stream at Harley estate, lies Exotic Plantation Retreat , making it a perfect place for a totally relaxed getaway.

    Harley Estate is situated at an altitude of 3,400 feet above sea level. The temperature ideally varies between 10 °C to 30 °C. The estate on an average receives a rainfall of 125 inches annually. The plantation consists of crops such as coffee, cocoa, banana, areca, vanilla, coconut, cardamom and pepper. All crops are carefully planted in between natural and jungle shade trees. This natural spread not only provides an ecological and sustainable growth to crops but also helps in preserving both the environment and natural wildlife. Harley Estate, not only offers some of the best and award winning coffees of the world, but also supports a sustainable eco system with a large variety of flora and fauna, being home to over 200 types of birds (identified in the region so far), and various other wild life. It is also part of the Elephant Corridor.

    Exotic Plantation Retreat prides itself in being ecologically friendly. The electricity used within the resort is generated hydraulically at one of the gushing waterfalls on the estate, or by solar. And it doesn’t just stop there; even your meals are made from produce grown organically on the plantation!


    Experience the fresh air and expanse of greenery as you enter the main gates at Harley Estate, and drive up to see the estate grounds, with the office, bungalow, coffee lab, pulping unit and a view of the region. Stretch away your stiffness from the journey and get ready for an adventurous jeep ride through the estate to get to your rooms. All the homes being nestled deep in the woods, gives you the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax.

    Exotic Plantation Retreat now offers 3 different types of homes for your stay; each with a different feel and experience from the other, with an idea of presenting you with various types of life on the estate. We serve authentic Malnad food and BBQ in the evenings, at the falls.

    The homes at Exotic Plantation Retreat, it’s Estate are spread across a couple of kilometers. All our rooms have a large double bed and can house a spare bed.

    FIREFLIES: Mocking a new – age planter’s home, Fireflies is a modern house with all modern facilities. The hall with glass walls and the dining and sit out on the terrace gives a great view of the area and is also the perfect place for bird watching. This house has 3 rooms with a large porch, terrace and a central courtyard. It houses the main kitchen and has multiple dining / lounging areas.

    BRICK COTTAGE: The Brick Cottage is one of the most romantic options available at Exotic Plantation Retreat. Its rustic style, highlights refreshing simplicity with natural beauty. The cottage has a sense of connection to the past that’s hard to resist. It feels honest and unstudied and evokes a simpler time.

    It is placed next to Fireflies and has a large room with a verandah running along the front. It sports a huge shower area which is skylit and has a tree growing through it. It has bare brick walls to give you a rustic, cozy feel.

    THE HOUSE ON THE HILL: Approached by the breathtaking view of the estate valleys and hills, The House on the Hill, has a panoramic view of the green and the skies. With two rooms, wonderful views and woodlands, and surrounded by a large garden, The House on the Hill is an oasis of peace and tranquility.

    Tariff Charges

    PRICING PER COUPLE / HOUSEFirefliesBrick CottageThe House on the Hill
    2 Days / 1 NightRs. 7,000Rs. 7,588Rs. 7,000
    3 Days / 2 NightsRs.13,235Rs. 14,118Rs. 13,235
    4 Days / 5 NightsRs. 19,118Rs. 19,167Rs. 19,118
    5 Days / 6 NightsRs. 24,412Rs. 25,882Rs. 24,412
    Extra Person ₹                      Rs. 2,176Rs. 2,176Rs. 2,17

    *Children below 5 years of age travel for free & children between 5 to 10 years will be charged  Rs. 1088 per night.

    Policies of Exotic Plantation Retreat

    11:00 am
    11:00 am
    Kids up to 5 years of age are our guests at no charge.
    Pets are welcome (for a small charge), provided they stay off the linen / furniture, and you can ensure their safety and that of other guests around.

    Amenities of Exotic Plantation Retreat

    • COFFEE
    • FRIDGE
    DRIVING DIRECTIONS (BY ROAD): From Bangalore, you take the Tumkur Road – and turn towards Mangalore (NH 48) just after Nelamangala (there’s a sign for the exit left for Mangalore after the one for Nelamangala) - at Hassan continue towards Sakleshpur, and continue on the highway past town. A couple of kms from Sakleshpur is Aneymahal – an intersection with a bus stop, and a road going up a slope on your right towards Hanbal. You need to take this road. After about 5 kms you’ll get to an intersection with a clutter of signposts, and a black stone marking for “Harley Estate” – take this left and proceed for about 4 kms. You’ll start seeing the estate signs and various gates – but eventually come to the main entrance with a signage for the Manager’s Bungalow, Pulper Room etc, a couple of buildings right near the entrance on your right. Take this right turn into the estate, park and we’ll drive you in the estate jeep to the accommodations deeper in the estate. BY BUS: There are numerous Volvos and other buses to Sakleshpur (and once the Shiradi ghat is repaired, all the Mangalore buses pass through there as well). We’ll help with cab / jeep arrangements from there to the estate 12 kms away. BY TRAIN: Multiple trains get you from Bangalore to Sakleshpur. We’ll help with cab / jeep arrangements from there to the estate.

    Things to Do

    This Estate is a 500+ acre coffee estate with multiple hills, miles of jeep tracks, a river that runs along and through it, and a few waterfalls. The coffee is also top notch – The Harley and Kalledevarapura estate coffees have won a huge number of awards across the world over the last decade. The Estate and the surrounding areas are wonderful for walks, hikes and even day long treks around. There’s a park with a surprise at the top of the hill within the estate. There’s the Sakleshpur Railway Line hike to explore. You can ask the staff to take you on a coffee tour and learn how coffee is grown, it’s various avatars and end products – there’s even a lab in the estate for a cupping session! We keep a few cycles – riding around is both challenging and fun. Of course, the stream and waterfall will keep you engrossed for hours. If you’d like, we’ll make arrangements for a riverside picnic as well. The estate and surrounding areas are perfect for birding. The terrace affords a great view of the canopy and the region has a huge variety – the estate has been a favourite haunt of birders from Bangalore in the past as well. Outside, there’s the Manjarabad Fort that’s worth a visit on the way in / out, and you can always take a detour to stop at Shravanabelagola. But most of all, sit back and relax over board games, coffee, and the bonfire. It’s a wonderful place for doing nothing. For those of you who do want to explore, here's a bunch of things in and around the area.

    Agni Gudda

    The “Agni Gudda” or Parvat as you would have guessed by now means “Fiery Mountain” for legendary volcanic activities in this region. This location has been an all-time favorite with the youths from Bangalore for trekking, and outdoor camping. The mountain provides a great view of the surrounding rice terraces and a good spot for


    Manjarabad Fort

    Manjarabad Fort is located about 5 KM after Sakleshpur town when we go from Hassan. It is a simple and nice architectural fort. There are quite a few things to see here in a very small area: The fort wall, watch towers, a cross-shaped stepped well at the center, surrounded by dungeons, a few storage


    Pandavar Gudda

    This place is beautiful for photography. Blazing sunrise and sunset gives a marvelous amount of happiness. Its a photographers paradise since we can valley of hills next to one another. The giant Jenukal Gudda is next to this Pandavar Gudda. Air distance to Jenukal is very near and want to reach there a full fledged

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