Bettada Bhairaveshwara Prasanna Temple, Mekanagadde – Maragunda

This temple is situated at a very high altitude and inside you feel like being in an A/C room. The temple is situated in a very strategic position where it is surrounded by hills in all directions. Platform around the temple is constructed so that people can go around the temple. It is constructed with completely with stones including the tower and the crown (Kalasha). You can also see in the picture how rain water outlets have been provided at the roof of the temple. Towards the right are few plastic pipes which might have been provided recently, but towards the left you can see the stone-made rain water outlet.

Located in the midst of Western Ghats, Bettada Bhairaveshwara Temple is located in beautiful place surrounded by vast greenery. Nature lovers will find peace and serenity in this spot. A varshika Abhisheka is held once in a year during January where devotes from all around the place will come here to take the blessings of Lord Bhairava. Behind the temple there is lake enclosed by popular hills like Pandavar Gudda / Pandavar Betta and Jenkal Gudda. These two hills are also popular for trekking and sightseeing in this locality. One can sit hear peacefully and listen to the enchanting bird songs all day.

Prasanna Rameshwara Temple, Devarunda

Devotees visit this temple from different parts of India. Devarunda (the abode of Gods), also known as Dakshina Kashi, is a temple complex that houses the gods Rameshwara, Veerabadreshwara, Byreshwara, Channakeshva, Parvati, Ganapathi and is revered among Hindus.

Devarunda in short for “Devaru Ida Jaga” (the abode of Gods), as called in Kannada. This temple is believed to be more than 500 years old. One can worship here, take pictures and enjoy the holiness of this place. Prasanna Rameshwara Temple is very old temple inside and a renovation is done to the outer part of the building complex to retain the beauty of this holy place. In the stretch between Sakleshpur to Hanbal Road via NH 75, it offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape where tourists can hold onto click few pictures of coffee estates .

Sakaleshwara Temple

Sakaleswara Temple is a beautiful representation of the fine detailing and craftsmanship that was the hallmark of the Hoysala architecture. This temple is smaller than the standard temples in South India. Constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries AD, the temple gives the destination its name. The temple dates from the period when the Hoysala Empire was at its peak. Located at the entrance of the town, the temple is a remnant of the Hoysala Empire that ruled this region between the 11th and 14th centuries AD.

Set on the banks of River Hemavathi, Sakleshwara Shiva Temple is one of the most beautiful temples of India. This temple is worth visiting as people can find some of the major attractions of Sakleshpur here. The Shivalinga here is covered by a golden mask,  a gigantic Shiva Idol perched atop the temple and an easy access to the river Hemavathi makes this visit a significant one. This temple seems to guard the entrance of the town and as one enters Sakleshpur from Hassan (NH 48) they can view this temple clearly.