(Abbi falls), Hetthur

The falls are attracting tourists from the region and the State. Though, there are scores of small streams and falls, the Mookanamane (or mukanamane) falls (Abbi falls) near Hetthur, Hongadahalla has turned out a big hit among the nature lovers. The falls, which is usually roaring and in full force between June and December, is already overflowing in the first week of this month. The water cascades from 12 feet height and is spread over 50 feet. It mesmerises those who flock this natural falls. The Mookanamane falls is located 35 KMS from Sakleshpur and around 3 KMS from Attihalli village. Rocks are slippery during mansoons and care to be taken not to get too close to the falls.

Hadlu Waterfalls

Trek through the plantation and forest to reach the cascades of 6 stages of hadlu falls. Enthrall yourself by bathing in the icy waterfalls.